Truth be Told

Well. Hasn’t it been a while.
I’m back after spending a good portion of my sleepless night reading this little thing I’ve done here. What an adventurous time.
However, I’m about to embark on one of the biggest adventures of my life.

Marriage.Crazy right?

Turns out #21 was The one. And we are planning a spring wedding.

Well, fuck. We even have a minivan. What. Is. Happening!?!

Ha. But all jokes aside I have found what I was looking for. A peaceful relationship full of love. He is my other half. I don’t think I’d work correctly without him at this point.

He truly treats me like a queen, but also as an equal.

Looking back, the journey of Dating Twenty Men greatly impacted my life and my outlook on love and dating. It did teach me so much. And because of this blog, those dates, and a lot of therapy I’m blissfully in love. Its work; as most good things are. But I’ve found my partner & I’m so in love with him. Here’s to forever.

A few tidbits you may not have known about Dating Twenty Men, How to: Not fall in Love

  1. On one of my first dates, with Man Candy, I was pulled over and arrested for a DUI. (That should have been a clue to stay away)
  2. LB and I have drifted apart as friends, we’ve ran into each other a few times and spoken frankly about regrets and apologies. I only wish him the best in his journeys.
  3. Shortly after quitting my job at the bar I got sober and have been for over a year and a half.
  4. Turns out, Yoga Guy wasn’t really married & my friend totally thought he was someone else.
  5. I still don’t want to disclose who Drunken Night Guy was….
  6. While I was dating hubby to be, Man Candy texted me and asked if we wanted to have a “swinging night” with our significant others……ICK.
  7. Things dwindled down with HeMan & I think I only used him to help me get over LB.
  8. I never talked about this HORRIBLE date I went on with a cop – he was AWFUL.
  9. I actually didn’t end up with a fireman even thought it seems I dated a million.
  10. 3 years ago I was actually diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder and this blog and project was very healing in my recovery from it. I completed a thorough therapy with a DBT therapist and no longer struggle with chaotic relationships.

…while its been a fun journey I wouldn’t trade what I have now to ever date again. I’ll take my thirties, my minivan and family and get on my way.

Ciao for now,